Resident Foreigner Support Service

Disaster strikes!

Very sadly, our avocado farm caught fire on January 16th of this year. 36 avocado trees were burned Such fires are a common occurrence during the dry season in Laos. We have therefore decided to hire two local farmers- Mr. Kham and Ms. Bo to take care of our farm....

Thank you very much for your crowdfunding donation !

Thank you very much for your crowdfunding donation for our project “Chemical free farming project in Laos.” This project received $920.00 from 15 people at in 2018. NPO Treasures of the Planet-our project- received net $783.00 from

Guest from Republic of Burundi

August 5, the doctor from Burundi visited NPO Treasures of The Planet. He worked at Doctors Without Borders and JICA at Burundi. Now he visited Nagasaki, Japan as Nagasaki University Tropical Medicine Global Health student.

Laotian family took part in the child rearing support center of Nagasaki.

Treasures of The Planet を訪問したThavoneさん家族 JICAの奨学金でラオスから長崎大学工学部大学院に研究に来ているラオス人Thavoneさんの妻と2人の子どもたちが長崎に来ました。彼らは、子供たちに日本の文化を学ばせたいと保育園に入れたいのですが、保育園はお母さんが仕事をしていないと入れません。しかし、奥さんはラオス語とタイ語しか話せず、日本語も英語もできないので、仕事を見つけるのはかなり難しいようです。...

Five Lao students visited the NPO office.

On May 12, 5 Laos students from the Graduate School of Global Health, Nagasaki University Graduate School of Engineering visited the NPO Treasures of the Planet. I was excited with various stories such as what I'm studying at the university, special products of Laos,...