About the NPO Treasures of The Planet

Together we protect and grow the treasures our beautiful planet!

Treasures of The Planet is a non for profit organization established in 2014 with the aim to provide solutions for developing countries to utilize cloud funding system for their benefit with the help of creators around the world while introducing news and reports from members of JICA and other volunteers working in developing nations.

We educate and suggest with the ideas, designs and other methods that would be acceptable by the local people so they can conduct, improve and continue to to grow their own international and internet based businesses while preserving their precious customs and traditions.

From 1986, after 23 years of conducting design and IT related trend research consulting business and internet sales company in New York City, I have realized the over saturating situation of this capitalism and decided to give myself a time to reconsider my direction in my home town in Nagasaki right after  Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008.

I found myself a position as a technical assistant at The Institute of Tropical Medicine of Nagasaki University and rewarded with the chance to meet many researchers from South East Asia and many nations from Africa as well as Japanese students of The Graduate School of International Health development of Nagasaki University who have been actively conducting their missions with JICA in developing countries. And I still remember the feeling that can not be tasted from the latest technologies or gadgets. At the same time, I have realized that the all information from major media is biased and we all know the fraction of what really is going on in the world. Then I decided to establish this NPO to put my network of talents I have developed in New York City together with the researchers I have met at The Institute of Tropical Medicine of Nagasaki University.

The nations and countries called as “Developing Country” still have chances to better conduct themselves in development while preserving the precious things on earth that the developed have ignored.

The NPO Treasure of The Planet will suggest and conduct harmonious method of developing the upcoming nations by combining the opinions from the world wide network of researchers, experienced JICA members, on-site research activities with ideas from creators from all over the world.

Yoshimi Matsuo, Director of the NPO Treasures of The Planet