Resident Foreigner Support Service

Planted avocado seedlings in the organic farmland of Parkson.

On June 28, we planted 320 avocados seedlings on 5 hectares of organic farmland in southern Laos of Laos. We are expecting the first harvest in 6 years.   The Boroben plateau in southern Laos is famous for coffee cultivation. Recently, companies such as Thailand...

Video shooting started in Vientiane Laos

On 26th June, we shot a traffic safety educational video for boys and girls in Vientiane. It was only known this time when I went to Laos, Laos is a communist country, and permission from the Laos Information Office and the Education Department is required to screen...

JICA Foundation for People of the World

The project "Production and screening of traffic safety education video for boys and girls in Laos" that began in May 2017 was selected as a preliminary adoption adoption of the JICA Foundation 2017 activity proposal for the people of the world.

Visited an organic coffee farm in Parkson

We have visited an organic coffee farm in Paksong in southern Laos. This farm is located on the Parkson Plateau with altitude of 1200 meter, between 15 to 25 degree Celsius temperature,  rich minerals from its volcanic soil, this land is perfect for growing organic...

Laos Organic Land Preservation Project

To promote and develop the avocado cultivation and avocado products in Pakson village in southern Laos, We have submitted a grant application to the Global Environment Fund for a project aiming to preserve and utilize Organic Farmland in Laos.

The 10th National Health Research Forum

We have participated the 10th National Health Research Forum held in Savannakhet, Laos from 10/27 to 10/28, 2016. Various members of NGO, JICA, researchers and experts working on to solve issues relating to maralia, paracites, infants, women, ecology and health in...

A meeting with global health members

Young members studying at the Graduate School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health Nagasaki University visited the NPO office. Young men with ambition, continuing further research after working as Overseas Cooperation Volunteer in Nicaragua, Solomon Islands, now...

Digital Media Save The Planet Project

Treasures of The Planet is launching the “Digital Media Save The Planet project” which preserves those beautiful treasure on the earth in the form of digital media to enrich the lives of people in developing countries.