In an attempt to make a clean water in Africa, designers and researchers around the world who have research and development ideas and unique products. In the water of Africa probably dirty How?


photo by Hanako Iwashita

These photos are of Kibera slum of Nairobi.

Here, it is full of garbage, people will throw into the river skipping human excrement.

Since there is no toilet, people who live here, I throw in this river it by the feces in a plastic bag. People called the flying toilet it.

People have gathered to draw water in such river. Pigs also come.

Water in the slums of Africa,’s a such a state even now.

It is a story that can not even imagine the people in developed countries take for granted is water and sewerage, but this is reality.


photo by Hanako Iwashita

In Wired magazine, ideas for making clean water had been posted. It is a great idea so cool, but considering the cost, it is questionable how far can spread.

In Treasures of The Planet, is looking make clean water to simple and economical, to collect, the idea of ​​purification. I believe that the idea was good, and you want to make to collect donations and grants. I believe Treasures of The Planet is the NPO a small just started, but I want to realize a step-by-step dream.