We have donated a PC, printer and light reflecting tape for avoiding night time traffic accidents. The principal of the village has been taking family registrations for 1300 village residents by hand writing. Now they can start to create it using a computer. PC we have donated is being shared by village students and members of village government.


Women in Laos are very active, as the most of stores and street stands were driven by their powerful force, women have gathered around the PC and start learning Laotian keyboard system.


We have installed the light reflecting tape at the location where traffic accidents occurs. They have not had any tractor cart accidents since we have placed the tapes on the cart last March. But the tapes we have placed on the bicycles and motor bikes were worn out or came off after 1 year.

Principal of the Khan Mak village will be installing the tape on all bicycles and motor bikes in the village on 10/14/2016. We are working on to come up with the better way to apply these tapes.