Treasures of The Planet is launching the “Digital Media Save The Planet project” which preserves those beautiful treasure on the earth in the form of digital media to enrich the lives of people in developing countries.

Ecosystem change caused by deforestation, historic architectures damages caused by earthquake, disappearance of country land by global warming and sea level rise, beautiful scenery and traditional culture on the planet are disappearing due to natural disasters and ever-changing living environment.

On the other hand, the spread of digital cameras and smartphones, has brought ability to record high-quality images, audio and video to the people in the developing countries. In addition, those people are now capable of selling images and sounds of hardly seen wilderness using widely accessible internet to earn money.

Portion of the revenue from selling these digital assets will be spent for helping NOT-FOR-PROFIT activities helping people in developing countries.

Please upload photo, video and sound files that you want the world to see at the Treasures of The Planet Degital Media Archive.