Correct way for using mosquito net


According to the WHO,(The World Health Report), there are an estimated 300 million to 500 million global human malaria cases, causing about 1.5 million deaths annually, 90% of which occur in sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, some NGOs, together with the Ministry of Health in Kenya, distribute insecticide-treated mosquito bed nets for physical protection against malaria-transmitting mosquito bites. However, in Africa, a large number of children under the age of five still suffer from malaria. One possible reason is that there are many people in the Lake Victoria basin who used the mosquito nets for fishing.

In Zambia, some people use the wedding dress the white mosquito net. As a reason to use the drying of small fish, than papyrus that has been used to conventional drying fish, and dried quickly, the fish does not stick, it is readily available for free or cheap, commercial value rises fish dries to a clean straight form I will be and the like. In addition, the seasonal heat is severe, children who will not use the mosquito net, to waking up in the living room instead of the bedroom, so that there is a problem such as cumbersome or put a mosquito net every day, it removed, also on the characteristics of the loop itself is. A well-ventilated mounting method is easy even in the hot season, can not be used to dry the fish. And I want to last longer at a low cost. Treasures of The Planet is looking for ideas of such a mosquito net.

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